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000 Africa Calling Card
000 Africa

000 Amar Bangla Calling Card
000 Amar Bangla

000 Australia Calling Card
000 Australia

000 Bangla Gold Calling Card
000 Bangla Gold

000 Bharat Calling Card
000 Bharat

000 China Calling Card
000 China

000 China Talk Calling Card
000 China Talk

000 India Calling Card
000 India

000 Latina Calling Card
000 Latina

000 Mauritius Calling Card
000 Mauritius

000 Oceania Talk Calling Card
000 Oceania Talk

000 Pakistan Calling Card
000 Pakistan

000 Philippines Calling Card
000 Philippines

000 Pinoy Talk Calling Card
000 Pinoy Talk

000 Real Minutes Calling Card
000 Real Minutes

000 Thailand Calling Card
000 Thailand

007 Calling Card

Aazadi Calling Card

Accurate Calling Card

Ace Calling Card
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Adaab Calling Card

Africa 2010 Calling Card
Africa 2010

Africa Connect Calling Card
Africa Connect

Africa Safari Calling Card
Africa Safari
new sign
African Beauty Calling Card
African Beauty

African King Calling Card
African King

African Safari Calling Card
African Safari
new sign
African Union Calling Card
African Union

Ajanta Calling Card

All Call Calling Card
All Call
new sign
All Together Calling Card
All Together
new sign
Amigos Calling Card

Apna India Calling Card
Apna India

Arabia Calling Card

Around The World Calling Card
Around The World

Asia 1st Calling Card
Asia 1st

Asia 21 Calling Card
Asia 21

Asia Connect Calling Card
Asia Connect

At Calling Card
new sign
Balikbayan Calling Card

Bangla Call Calling Card
Bangla Call
new sign
Bangla Star Calling Card
Bangla Star
new sign
Bangladesh Connect Calling Card
Bangladesh Connect

Bayani Calling Card

Beautiful Calling Card

Best Call Calling Card
Best Call

Biladi Calling Card

Bindas Calling Card

Brother Calling Card

Bubble Calling Card

Bulla Fiji Calling Card
Bulla Fiji

Cactus Calling Card

Cafe Calling Card

Call Card Calling Card
Call Card
new sign
Call Everyday Calling Card
Call Everyday

Call Everyday 2 Calling Card
Call Everyday 2

Call Islander Calling Card
Call Islander
new sign
Call Mama Calling Card
Call Mama

Casa Latina Calling Card
Casa Latina

Chakde India Calling Card
Chakde India

Champion Call Calling Card
Champion Call

Cheap Call Calling Card
Cheap Call

Chilli Calling Card

Chit Chat Calling Card
Chit Chat

Chum Chum Calling Card
Chum Chum

Cinta Indo Calling Card
Cinta Indo

Click Calling Card

Compass Calling Card

Connect Home Calling Card
Connect Home

Contact Calling Card

Cool Talk Calling Card
Cool Talk

Cracker Calling Card

Cricket Calling Card

Crystal Calling Card

Daal Calling Card

Dali Dali Calling Card
Dali Dali

Daybreak Calling Card

Deepam Calling Card

Desert Calling Card

Dhoom Calling Card

Diamond Calling Card

Dil Dil Pakistan Calling Card
Dil Dil Pakistan

Diwali Calling Card

Early Bird Calling Card
Early Bird
new sign
Empire Calling Card

Etisalat Calling Card

Excite Africa Calling Card
Excite Africa

Excite India Calling Card
Excite India

Fast Dial Calling Card
Fast Dial

Fast World Calling Card
Fast World
new sign
Fasttrek Calling Card

Five Dollar Calling Card
Five Dollar
new sign
Freedom Calling Card
new sign
Friend Calling Card

Gas Calling Card
new sign
Genuine Calling Card

Genuine Aussie Calling Card
Genuine Aussie
new sign
Geo Pakistan Calling Card
Geo Pakistan

Giant Calling Card

Ginger Calling Card

Global Call Calling Card
Global Call
new sign
Global Time Talk Calling Card
Global Time Talk
new sign
Gold Calling Card

Golden Castle Calling Card
Golden Castle
new sign
Golden Dragon Calling Card
Golden Dragon

Gps Calling Card

Grand Bangla Calling Card
Grand Bangla

Grand India Calling Card
Grand India

Grand Middle East Calling Card
Grand Middle East

Greek City Calling Card
Greek City

Green Calling Card

Gup Chup Calling Card
Gup Chup

Happy Calling Calling Card
Happy Calling

Hello Africa Calling Card
Hello Africa

Hello Asia Calling Card
Hello Asia

Hello Bangladesh Calling Card
Hello Bangladesh

Hello China Calling Card
Hello China

Hello Europe Calling Card
Hello Europe

Hello India Calling Card
Hello India

Hello Nepal Calling Card
Hello Nepal

Hello Pardes Calling Card
Hello Pardes

Hello Philippines Calling Card
Hello Philippines

Hello South America Calling Card
Hello South America

Hello Thailand Calling Card
Hello Thailand

Himalaya Calling Card

Hindustan Express Calling Card
Hindustan Express

Hola Latino Calling Card
Hola Latino

Hong Bao Calling Card
Hong Bao

Hot Calling Card

Ice Calling Card

India Connect Calling Card
India Connect

India Smile Calling Card
India Smile

India Star Calling Card
India Star
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India Talk Calling Card
India Talk
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India World Calling Card
India World

Indian Delight Calling Card
Indian Delight

Indian Express Calling Card
Indian Express

Island Time Calling Card
Island Time
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Islander Connect Calling Card
Islander Connect
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Islander Talk Calling Card
Islander Talk

Its Green Calling Card
Its Green
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Jai Ho Calling Card
Jai Ho

Jempol Calling Card

Joy Calling Card

Just African Calling Card
Just African

Just Talk Calling Card
Just Talk

Karishma Calling Card

Khelo Calling Card

King Calling Card

Lage Raho Calling Card
Lage Raho

Life Calling Card

Lite Calling Card

Lucky Call Calling Card
Lucky Call
new sign
Lucky Charm Calling Card
Lucky Charm

Lucky Minutes Calling Card
Lucky Minutes
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Magic World 2 Calling Card
Magic World 2

Magnolia Calling Card

Mai Mai Vietnam Calling Card
Mai Mai Vietnam
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Mama Africa Calling Card
Mama Africa

Masala Calling Card

Mast Calling Card

Master Calling Card

Mcn Clean Talk Calling Card
Mcn Clean Talk

Mcn Mera Pakistan Calling Card
Mcn Mera Pakistan

Mcn Real Minutes Calling Card
Mcn Real Minutes
new sign
Mega Talk Calling Card
Mega Talk

Mekong Calling Card

Mera Desh Calling Card
Mera Desh

Middle East Light Calling Card
Middle East Light

Minute Max Calling Card
Minute Max

Morning India Calling Card
Morning India

My Africa Calling Card
My Africa

My Bangladesh Calling Card
My Bangladesh

My Call Calling Card
My Call

My Choice Calling Card
My Choice

My India Calling Card
My India

My World Calling Card
My World

Namaste India Calling Card
Namaste India

Narmada Calling Card
new sign
Ni Hao Calling Card
Ni Hao

No Bull Calling Card
No Bull

Oceania Calling Card

Ohana Calling Card
new sign
Only India Calling Card
Only India

Padma Calling Card

Pakistani Calling Card

Paradise Calling Card

Parivaar Calling Card

Pearl Calling Card

Polynesian Sun Calling Card
Polynesian Sun

Pyara India Calling Card
Pyara India

Quality Calling Card

Raja Calling Card

Rajdhani Express Calling Card
Rajdhani Express

Rate Saver Calling Card
Rate Saver

Ring Around Calling Card
Ring Around

Ring Everywhere Calling Card
Ring Everywhere

Rishta Calling Card
new sign
Royal Call Calling Card
Royal Call
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Saffron Calling Card

Sagarmatha Calling Card

Salam Calling Card

Say Gday Calling Card
Say Gday

Shabash Bangladesh Calling Card
Shabash Bangladesh

Siri Gold Calling Card
Siri Gold

Spicy Delight Calling Card
Spicy Delight

Spicy India Calling Card
Spicy India

Sri Lanka Express Calling Card
Sri Lanka Express

Sultan Calling Card

Sunlite Calling Card

Super Call Calling Card
Super Call
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Super Hit Calling Card
Super Hit

Super Minutes Calling Card
Super Minutes

Swades Calling Card

Sweet Talk Calling Card
Sweet Talk

Talk Africa Calling Card
Talk Africa
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Tara Tari Calling Card
Tara Tari

Tele Asia Calling Card
Tele Asia

Tele South America Calling Card
Tele South America

Ten Dollar Calling Card
Ten Dollar
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The Islander Calling Card
The Islander

Unique Call Calling Card
Unique Call

Vn Calling Card

Vui Ve Calling Card
Vui Ve

Watan Calling Card

World Express Calling Card
World Express

World Link Calling Card
World Link

Yamuna Calling Card

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16-11-15 Added 1 New Phone Cards - Lucky India. Untimited 30 days calling to 18 countries including India, China, US, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore.
28-03-15 Added 13 New Phone Cards - Alive, 4 Europe, 4 Islander, Al Jashan, Anahaw, Bagus, Blessing, Om, Shiva, True Latino, Unity, Vietnam Home, and Infinity.
15-12-13 Added 10 New Phone Cards - Genuine Aussie, Early Bird, At, Untimed, Super Asia, My Call, Five Dollar, Ten Dollar, Gold Star, and Five Star.
21-11-13 Unlimited phone card to India Lucky Call is back!
14-07-13 Added 7 New Phone Cards - 2 Much, Asia 365, Latino 365, Trust Me, Champion Call, World Chat, and All Call.
21-03-13 Added 4 New Phone Cards - Star Call, Mcn Real Minutes, Euro 365, and Call Me.
15-02-13 Added 6 New Phone Cards - Fast World, Best Minutes, Ocean, Cheap Call, Cafe, and Giant.
15-01-13 Added 2 New Phone Cards - Super Call and Genuine.
08-11-12 Added 2 New Phone Cards - Lucky Call and Connect Home.
01-11-12 Added 7 New Phone Cards - Vip, Reliable, Magic World 2, Call Everyday 2, World Phone, Golden Castle, and Paradise.
02-10-12 Added 8 New Phone Cards - Islander Connect, Mamnon, Call Anytime, Pinless, All Together, Salam, World Express, and Spicy Delight.
29-06-12 Added 7 New Phone Cards - Freedom, Friend, Mcn Bangladesh, Call Card, Middle East Link, 000 Bangla Ma, and Middle East Home.
24-05-12 Added 4 New Phone Cards - Welcome, Free Hit, Deluxe, and Z Talk.
24-04-12 Added 5 New Phone Cards - 000 Europe, Max, True Bangla, Global Call, and Middle East Light.
28-03-12 Added 1 New Phone Card - 000 World, and 1 new Mobile Recharge Voucher Optus Connect 4 Less Recharge.
14-03-12 Added 2 New Phone Cards - Ace, and Royal Call.
01-02-12 Added 5 New Phone Cards - Mount Everest, Mapalad, Global Time Talk, Middle East Magic, and African Safari.
22-12-11 Added 3 New Phone Cards - Cool Talk, Khelo, and African Union.
18-12-11 Added 11 New Phone Cards - Lucky Minutes, Best Call, Diamond, Glink, Kantipur, 000 Asia, Tara Tari, Bulla Fiji, Dali Dali, Sri Lanka Express, and Polynesian Sun.
17-11-11 Added 1 New Phone Cards - Extra.
09-11-11 Added 4 New Phone Cards - Gas, Only India, Parivaar, and Mai Mai Vietnam.
12-10-11 Win a free $10 pin everyday. New promotion from Melbourne Connect.
15-09-11 Added 3 New Phone Cards - 000 Sonar Bangla, 000 Zindabad Pakistan, and Soundwave.
18-08-11 Added 11 New Phone Cards - Chocolate, Emerald, Levant, True India, True Middle East, True Peacock, Usap, Rajdhani Express, Middle East Star, Ganges, and Sagarmatha.
12-08-11 Added 7 New Phone Cards - Savers, All In One, India Star, Grand India, Grand Bangla, Grand Middle East, and Bangla Call.
31-03-11 Added 21 New Phone Cards - Marhaban Bekom, Excite Africa, Excite India, India Talk, Island Time, African Sky, Arabian Sky, Best Of The Best, Indian Sky, Desert, Indian Express, Bangla Star, Call Islander, India World, Africa Safari, Middle East Minutes, Himalaya, Rishta, Mashriq, Ohana, and Talk Africa.
23-03-11 Added 6 New Phone Cards - Lakshmi, Narmada, Samba, Opera Call, Regal, and 000 Deshi Talk.
04-03-11 Added 1 New Mobile Recharge Card - GT Mobile Recharge.
01-03-11 Added 9 New Phone Cards - Gup Chup, Pakistani, Just African, Lage Raho, Yamuna, Mast, Master, Pyara India, and Morning India.
28-01-11 Added 7 New Phone Cards - India Connect, Zaoan China, Cinta Indo, Hindustan Express, Masala, China Gold, and Walkabout.
19-01-11 Added 1 New Phone Card - 000 Amar Bangla.
09-01-11 Added 1 New Mobile Recharge Card - Lyca Mobile Recharge.
09-01-11 Added 5 New Phone Cards - One, More Minutes, Indian Delight, Gigafone, and Bangla Net.
28-10-10 Added 6 New Phone Cards - World Link, Fast Dial, Ring Around, Planet Talk, 1 Lanka, and Beautiful.
20-09-10 Added 3 New Phone Cards - Jai Ho, African Pride, and Tar.
01-09-10 Added 7 New Phone Cards - Bangla Tel, 1 Sec Pulse, Apna India, My Bangladesh, India Smile, Africa 2010, and Mama Africa.
11-07-10 Added 8 New Phone Cards - Precise, Sunlite, Bangladesh Connect, Hello Nepal, Adaab, World Talk, Super Minutes, and Amigos.
01-06-10 Added 10 New Phone Cards - Empire, Crystal, Hola Latino, Africa Connect, Super Hit, Raja, Cricket, Life, Vn and 007.
20-05-10 Access number for 1 Bangla, 1 India, Africafone, Asiafone, Ausbangla Super Dial, Bangla Kotha, Banglafone Economy, Banglafone Pinless, Banglafone Premium, Bengal Super Dial, Bharatfone Super Quality, Deshi Bazaar Premium, Eurofone, Honest Fonecard, Honest Talk, and Pakfone has changed. Click here for new Access Number.
26-02-10 Added 8 New Phone Cards - Namaste India, A1, Umbrella, Chat Chat, Tiger, My Home, My V, and Ip.
17-02-10 Added 36 New Phone Cards - Nodi, Golden Castle, Africa 1, Shapla, Discover Africa, Discover India, India Home, Real Kung Fu, Latino Call, Myjana, Atlas, 8 Dollars, Yala, Nvx, 6 Dollar, Around The World, Dhoom, Hello Pardes, Jempol, Maharlika, Mekong, My Africa, Siri Gold, Sultan, Tele Asia, Tele Europe, Tele South America, Swades, Aazadi, Arabia, Balikbayan, Bayani, Biladi, Hong Bao, Mega Mouth, and Ni Hao.
04-02-10 Added 11 New Phone Cards - Lebara Mobile Recharge, 3 Mobile Cap Recharge, 3 Mobile Recharge, Telstra Mobile Recharge, Vodafone Cap Recharge, Vodafone Mobile Recharge, Hello Mobile Recharge, Gotalk Mobile Recharge, Virgin Mobile Cap Recharge, Virgin Mobile Recharge, and Optus Mobile Recharge.
07-01-10 Added 2 New Phone Cards - Hello Bangladesh, and White Route.
23-12-09 Added 9 New Phone Cards - 000 India, 000 Pakistan, 000 Bangladesh, 000 Nepal, Naf, Masayang Pilipino, Timeline, Swami, and Tele Talker.
24-11-09 Added 14 New Phone Cards - 1 Bangla, Hangama, Strong, 4mua, Diwali, King, Ring South Asia, 1800, Contact, Deepam, My Choice, Watani, My India and Magnolia.
16-09-09 Added 3 New Phone Cards - India, Bollywood, and Sabah El Kher.
25-08-09 Added 8 New Phone Cards - Oceania, Yes, Voice, Supa Nova, Golden Dragon, Bubble, Phone Me, and Minute Max.
07-08-09 Added 4 New Phone Cards - Cracker, Quality, Ajanta, and Islander Tel.
15-07-09 Added 7 New Phone Cards - Bindas, Asiafone, Honest Fonecard, Honest Talk, Ausbangla Super Dial, Bengal Super Dial, and Deshi Bazaar Premium.
26-06-09 Added 34 New Phone Cards - Line One, Asia 21, Pearl, Shabash Bangladesh, Magic, Tele Gift, Lanka Voice, Bee Happy, Indonesia Indah, Magic Philippines, Viet, 123 Asia, 888 Asia, Love, Nile, 100%, Lovely Indian, Latina Fiesta, Jambo Africa, 3 Mien, Asia Star, Belad, Beyond Asia, Bilad Al Arab, Call China, Miss Shanghai, Khorasan, Kim Chi, Lucky Bamboo, My Country, Preet Heera, Rose, Ya Ba Lebanon, and Yeoboseyo.
16-06-09 Pin Recharge is now Available for the following 13 Phone Cards - 5 Star, Africa Home, Africall, Always Full, Bonus, Crown, Dynamite, Into Home, Kristal, Long river, Tawag Na, Vietnam Connect, and Yoga.
20-05-09 Added 5 New Phone Cards - Jai Hind, Sun Star, Sunny, Vnt, and Just A Minute.
07-05-09 Added 9 New Phone Cards - Africa Home, Spicy India, Gold, Clear, Etihad, Etisalat, Injera, Fasttrek, and 1 India.
19-04-09 Added 15 New Phone Cards - Home, Gateway, Magic Middle East, Bharati Air Tel, Colombo, Direct Slt, Jumbo, Super India, Heera, Kaibigan, Co, Water, Africafone, Eurofone, and Japan Direct.
04-04-09 Added 8 New Phone Cards - Rainbow, Punjabi, 5 Star, Dynamite, Bangla Kotha, Ertebat, Happy Morning, and Just Talk.
16-03-09 Added 2 New Phone Cards - Sms India and Call India 2.
11-03-09 Added 1 New Phone Card - Karishma.
02-03-09 Pin Recharge is now Available for the following 26 Phone Cards - 2 In 1, 234, Africa Link, Asia Link, Candy, Ethiopia, Fantastic, Fantastic Asia, Jakarta, Kumusta, Maa, Magic Asia, Magic Bangladesh, Magic Afganistan, Magic Sri Lanka, Magic Nepal, Magic Burma, Magic World, Mcn Indo Pak, Myanmar, Original, Pahaar, Rajdhani, Real Talk, Shona India, and Sunshine.
20-02-09 Added 10 New Phone Cards - Magic Bangladesh, Candy, 2 In 1, Eurocall, Vui Ve, 21, Swadesh, Super Dial, Hello Bangla, and Tandoori.
08-02-09 Added 9 New Phone Cards - Kumusta, Rajdhani, Magic Burma, Long River, Crystel India, Viet Link, Volcano, Hilsha, and Krishna.
18-01-09 Access Number has Changed for Bahaar, Beach Cricket, Gold Medal, India 2 Express, India Direct, Indian Gig, Italk India, and Maruti.
14-01-09 Mcn Mera Pakistan $10 is currently offering 150 min to Pakistan with ABSOLUTELY NO FEE.
14-01-09 Added 1 New Phone Cards - Brother.
16-12-08 Added 2 New Phone Cards - Pahaar, and Asia 1st.
09-12-08 Mcn Indo Pak is Back with improved minutes.
09-12-08 Added 5 New Phone Cards - Islander Talk, Magic Nepal, Magic Afganistan, Magic World, and Magic Sri Lanka.
29-11-08 Added 10 New Phone Cards - Tawag Na, Indian Everywhere, Jay, Lucky Charm, Price Buster, Call Mama, Fakher, India Pehle, African King, and Paradise.
09-11-08 Added 3 New Phone Cards - Daal, Red, and Alimama.
24-10-08 Added 1 New Phone Cards - and Accurate.
14-10-08 Added 3 New Phone Cards - Indopak, Jahan, and Sholay.
11-10-08 Added 10 New Phone Cards - Jakarta, Asia Link, Sundor Bangla, DMM, Boisakhi, Yes South Asia, India 2 Express, Magic Gold, Pamir, and Union.
27-09-08 Added 3 New Phone Cards - Click Island, Click China, and Royal.
16-09-08 Added 20 New Phone Cards - Always Full, Africall, Bonus, Crown, Into Home, Kristal, Vietnam Connect, Yoga, Oasis, Happy Calling, Sun Flower, Ha Tien, Chit Chat, Chat More, Hello Europe, Hello Asia, Hello Asia Pacific, Hello South America, Hello Africa, and Choice.
08-09-08 Added 9 New Phone Cards - Original, Beach Cricket, Masala Talk, Olive, Pakistan Voice, Allo Haifa, Al Hilal, Ginger, and Jp Tel.
20-08-08 Added 5 New Phone Cards - Boost Phone Home, Optus Long Distance, Tay Do, India Direct, and Friendship.
05-08-08 Added 4 New Phone Cards - Chilli, Time, Captain, and Hello Middle East.
30-07-08 Added 1 New Phone Cards - Saffron.
25-07-08 Added 1 New Phone Cards - Talk Tomato.
22-07-08 Special Combo Price!! Buy 2 cards for only $14.98 for the following cards: Alo Alo, Arab Wonders, Asiana, Call Lanka, Cellular Call, Frequency, India Wonders, Joker, Lebanon Wonders, Magic India, Middle East Online, Om Aldonya, Punjab, United Africa, Xpert, Yes Africa, Yes Asia, Yes Europe, Yes India, Yes Iraq, Yes Lebanon, Yes Philippines, and Yes Sri Lanka.
21-07-08 Added 12 New Phone Cards - Arab Wonders, India Wonders, Lebanon Wonders, Om Aldonya, United Africa, Yes Sri Lanka, My Pakistan, Crazy Minutes, India First, Persian Gulf, Baran and 500.
11-07-08 Added 13 New Phone Cards - Ruchi, Magic Asia Premium, Magic India 2, 234, Ethiopia, Fantastic, Myanmar, Maa, Shona India, Real Talk, Bharatfone Super Quality, Karnafuli and Kotha.
09-07-08 Added 1 new Phone Card, Orient. Buy a $10 Orient and you will Automatically receive a FREE $5 Orient.
08-07-08 Access Number has changed for Cactus, Ice, Kooky, Lite, Moonlite, Spicy, and Sweet Deal.
06-07-08 Added 5 New Phone Cards - Shabash Bangladesh, Mad Minutes, The Islander, Amazing, and Patel.
10-05-08 Added 14 New Phone Cards - Magic India, Chum Chum, Italk India, Indus, Yes Africa, Mera Desh, Thailand Voice, Golden India, Power Call, Xpert, Qq, Rindu, Ring Everywhere, and Banglafone Pinless.
20-04-08 Access Number has changed for BanglaFone Premium, BanglaFone Economy, PakFone, Sydney Connect and Day Night
20-04-08 Added 14 New Phone Cards - Speed dial, Kabayan, Shaheen, Shlonek, Call Anywhere, Lucky Dragon, Carnivale, Genie, Heaven, Jasmine, Orange, Sunday, Spicy, and Ice.
18-04-08 Access Number has changed for Maruti and Bahaar.
18-04-08 Added 2 New Phone Cards - Bengal Dial and Bhorer Call.
04-04-08 Added 3 New Phone Cards - Praner Cheye Priyo, Probasi, Fortune.
13-03-08 Get FREE $6 Wicket pin when u buy $30 worth of Wicket, Lotus, or India Gate with one transaction. Click here for detail.
05-03-08 Added 16 New Phone Card - CBD, Kooky, Moonlite, Sweet Deal, Africa Link, Fantastic Asia, Day Night, Sydney Connect, African Beauty, Dunya, Hindustani, Mcn Mera Pakistan, Sukhriya, Pakfone, India Gate and Shining India.
30-11-07 Added 11 New Phone Card - Onechat India, Africa Crown, Asia Crown, Middle East Crown, Prince, Sun Star, Sun Talk, Anytime, Globe Kababayan, Korea Card, and Pinoy Direct.
28-11-07 Access Number has changed for Click, Click Africa, Click Vietnam, Compass, Greek City, My World, No Bull, Snap, South Asia, Sweet Talk, and True Time.
22-11-07 Added 13 New Phone Card - Cactus, Heart To Heart, Joker, Yes Asia, Utsav, Sahana, Singh, Take Away, Geneve, Chakde India, My India, Bonsai, and Lite.
09-11-07 Added 1 New Phone Card - MCN Euro Talk.
12-10-07 Added 9 New Phone Card - MCN Indo Pak, Deshi Tal, India Crawn, Family, Amar Desh, Indian Gig, Sunshine, Mega Dial, and Magic Asia.
11-10-07 RECALL -- Aawaz, In Dhaka, Super Dial, and Tamanna
05-10-07 Added 6 New Phone Card - Air Lanka, Surya, Xcite, Daybreak, Shout, and Say Gday.
26-09-07 Super Dial, Aawaz, In Dhaka, and Tamanna - Melbourne Access number has CHANGED and Sydney access number is added.
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